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Who we are

Freedom Computers Ltd is a limited liability company incorporated in Tanzania.

Our Mission

To be the most successful IT systems company in Tanzania by delivering the best customer services.

Our Values

Our products and services are “best in class” in terms of value received for amount paid.

Our Vision

Putting a computer on every desk and in every home and office.

Do not let this new trend pass you

One of our most recent technology; the CISCO Router.

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We have the best sales team that will help you get the best products at the most affordable rates.


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"Satisfied Clients!"

Freedom Uhuru is our number one choice when it comes to Computer Lab equipments

Bruce Holt Manager at TechDream

"Genuine Server"

Our servers last longer due to a good brands bought from Freedom Uhuru

Angela Roy Architect at CUBE

"Networking Devices"

My network is well configured with CISCO Routers

Bert Baldwin PR at CTA

Supplying, Installing & Supporting our Clients with the best brands for their

 business technological needs.